Erumjus is a fashion brand which explores, inspires, and operates worldwide. Erumjus aims to combine everyday practicality with stylish essentials bringing fashion to you with great finesse at the heart of every item we create. All of our products are designed in-house and we are incredibly proud that we can continuously deliver fabulous new fashion to you online.
Erumjus design studio is based in Spain, the very centre of Europe, where our creative talents dream up stylish on-trend feminine & masculine pieces that elevate the everyday woman’s / Man's wardrobe. Following latest in-vogue prints and features, our brand is committed to designing and producing dozens of new elegant garments and simple yet stunning accessories every single week. Our unique technology is geared towards quality manufacturing that allows to reduce the production to some couple of weeks from drafting a design to admiring the final product. Satisfying and exceeding our customers’ expectation is always at the heart of all our work.